About AGSSG Links


Having competed with each other for over 4 years, SSG Links Sdn Bhd (SSG) and Advantage Golfing Solution Sdn Bhd (AGS) decided on the 15th August, 2010 to become one.  This merger brought with it a host of excellent advantages which did much to improve the long-term prospects for the new company and the golf privilege card industry as a whole.  With renewed vigour and its ability to now channel its resources in a more productive direction, the company’s focus is now geared towards enhancing and delivering a product that is today second to none. This has been achieved as a direct result of lower operational expenditure and economies of scale in its combined operations.  Effective 1st September 2010, its operations will be conducted through both its Ara Damansara and Ampang offices.

About Excellent 1

The “Excellent 1” Golf Privilege Card is the product of AGSSG Links Sdn Bhd (AGSSG), a merger between the issuers of the two leading limited-term golf privilege card programs, namely SSG and AGS. Our Excellent 1 golf privilege card was officially launched at Saujana Golf & Country Club on 20th August 2010 and here’s why YOU should join us…

As a result of the merger, AGSSG’s Excellent 1 privilege card now has close to 7000 immediate cardholders. This makes Excellent 1’s market share in the limited-term golf privilege card program in excess of 75 percent. This is triple the size of our nearest competitor, thus giving us the strongest bargaining advantage when dealing with golf clubs and other service providers which ensures we always negotiate and secure only the very best deals for our cardholders.  Undoubtedly, this has raised customers’ confidence in the Company and our ‘Excellent 1’ product to a new high which ultimately helps secure the company’s own survival and growth in the long-term.

With the Excellent 1 card, the doors swing open for you at more than 70 golf clubs throughout Malaysia. You will enjoy very preferential golfing rates, be it on a weekday or a weekend.  Now, take a look at our Club Listing… can you see what you have missed out on, not to mention, the $$$ you could have saved if you had only become a cardholder earlier?  Yes, quite a lot! But as the saying goes ..better late than never.. at AGSSG, we are ever ready to welcome you !

At AGSSG, we also take great pride in organising our own golf tournaments and regular medals for our cardholders all over the country. We can even help you customize and arrange your next overseas golfing trip, etc. and we do it at very special rates obtained through our panel of reliable and reputed service providers.If what you need is an MGA approved handicap or golfers insurance or professional coaching for your golf game… start and end your search with AGSSG, your 1-stop centre for everything golf.. and more!

AGSSG also has partners in other lifestyle areas of interests. In the travel arena, there are Firefly Airlines and Odyssey buses. In fact, our ever expanding list of affiliations will soon include more partners in  golf equipment and accessories, golf academies, hotels and resorts, car rentals, and even food & beverage outlets, just to name a few.  More importantly, at AGSSG, you can trust us to always ensure that you only enjoy truly genuine benefits and preferential discounts that are exclusive to only our Excellent 1 cardholders. So, what are you waiting for? Call us and SIGN UP NOW.. it’ll be one of the best decisions you will ever make, that we promise !
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